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Connect to your powerful self with Faye Mylene

You Want Change

I hear it all the time from women that I speak to - stress, tension, feeling of imbalance, lack of self connection and overwhelm.


These words come out too often from women like you who I know are powerful, perfect, and balanced yet are living lives that sometimes leave you so drained you don’t know where to turn to for peace, calm and serenity.


This is why I offer you an opportunity to create change so that your life feels manageable and pleasurable. I will teach you to release tension, tightness and overwhelm. You can begin to live your best life today! 


Learning how to overcome some of life's most challenging obstacles is what pushed me to become who I am today,  a strong, powerful woman! I choose joy and happiness over struggle and pain.


Through my coaching programs, yoga, meditation and healthy lifestyle consulting, I will guide you through a transformational journey to self love, healing, peace and internal happiness. 


I believe in you and know that when you make self care, self love and self acceptance a priority, all other aspects of your life will change. Your time is now! 


I empower women just like you to be your best version of yourself.  I look forward to connecting with you and taking you on this amazing journey!

Speaker, Life Coach, Yogi & Mother

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

Faye is very knowledgeable and has much to offer to those ready to make an investment in their wellness and personal growth.  I have been working with Faye privately for more than a year.  During that time, I have learned a tremendous amount about yoga and the mind-body connection, and, experienced a great deal of personal growth.  She steers me in a positive direction to avoid and/or counteract negative thought patterns  -- leading to a better life.

- Barbara Riesberg

I’m inspired by your ability to commit to this process and become who you were so obviously meant to be. You are a beautiful person - It amazes me how quickly you “get” me and cut to the chase of what is happening within me - or should I say how I interpret it. You are so warm, talented and very intuitive. I’ve been in therapy before and I always think - they don’t get it. They’re more “practical”. With you .. I know and feel that you get it.

Faye is a force! She is passionate about wellness, knowledgeable about a vast array of techniques and a calming presence in any situation.

- Anonymous

Let's Work Together



Quiet your mind, learn to be still, connect to your breath and allow yourself to find peace. 


Life Coaching

Dive deep into your heart and souls vision of the life you've always wanted.



Connect the mind, body and spirit through breath, meditation and yoga poses.