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Medical Medium Liver Cleanse

Restore, rejuvenate and reactivate in only 9 days!

This is the year- the year that you get to be your best healthy self!

Are you ready to go into the new year and take your health into your own hands?

You may be wondering why a 9 day liver cleanse?

The liver is the filtering and detoxifying system of the body... and like all of us, it needs a break!

This cleanse will help with your inflammation and bloating issues. Your skin will clear up and start glowing and you'll feel clear and energized.

You'll not only feel great inside and out, but you'll look younger too!

You deserve to feel amazing and be your best. It is never too late and now is the perfect time to begin.

Colorful Fruits

Why do I believe so much in this cleanse?

After going through my own health and digestive struggles I chose to follow Medical Medium information and do his liver cleanses to heal my chronic conditions.

It has taken commitment and determination and at 49 I feel amazing!

Gift yourself this 9 day challenge to get your energy back, your youthful glow and feel truly ALIVE again!

What You Get:

- A full shopping list of groceries for the cleanse and a step by step of what to do on a daily basis
- 3 Group Coaching Calls to lead you through the cleanse, connect and Q+A
- A Whatsapp group for accountability and connection and daily tips for your successful journey

For this cleanse you will need a juicer. (Any juicer is fine)


The total cost to join this cleanse is $499. You can pay me through Venmo or Zelle or with your credit card below.


Don’t miss this opportunity to get healthy!

Get ready for your best healthiest year yet!

You can Zelle me

Click the image below to pay with credit card

You can Venmo me @faye-perelis

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Image by ja ma
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